Senior Portraits

We want to help preserve this important chapter in your life, and share it with others. To that end, our staff combines the latest technologies, professional photography, and digital artistry.

This year, we have updated our ordering process to be even more flexible!


How does it work?

  1. Schedule an appointment for your session. The session is your time in front of the camera; the length of time, number of shots, and variety of poses will vary by your session type.

  2. After your session, you have a choice of how to proceed, based on how you would like to order your pictures. You can have them put online so you can order at your convenience. However, for more a broader selection of packages and products, we recommend you schedule an appointment to view your pictures at our studio.

  3. When viewing at the studio, you will be able to browse through the portraits, make selections, and order from our complete product catalog. Our viewing and ordering software makes this easy, and one of our staff will guide you and are happy to answer any questions.

    • Remember that payment is due at the time of ordering. All orders require a minimum $100 deposit and the balance must be paid within 30 days. Orders will not be processed until 2/3 of the balance has been paid. Please schedule your view accordingly.

  4. Once you've ordered, the pictures you chose will go to our artists who will give the portraits a more thorough retouching, perform any necessary artwork, then send them to our lab for printing.

  5. Once the portraits have returned from the lab, we will contact you. Stop by at any time during open hours to pick up your order.

Specialty Items!
Only available by ordering through the studio. For pricing information see the Senior Pricelist.


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